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The Author

Kate Ramsey has held various careers throughout her life taking her on a vast journey of humanity. From the JAG office of an Air Force base into the legal field, working in sales and finally finding herself in customer service and volunteer outreach positions, she has viewed the populace at large from many angles. Taking the advice of author Maeve Binchy to heart, there is always a story to be told by watching and listening to those around her.

In her personal life, she has seen tragedy and triumph, poverty and prosperity, sickness and recovery. Her faith has been her rock and her anchor to sustain her through the worst and best of times.

Although her stories are works of fiction, many are based on the lives of people she has encountered in life, or her own experiences, and extrapolated those events into the “could have, would have, should haves” we all consider.

Ramsey currently resides in the Midwest, though she misses the coast where she was raised and hopes to return to it someday. She is married and has three grown daughters and several grandchildren.